IceRobotics creates specialist solutions for monitoring and understanding dairy cattle behaviour.

Leading researchers around the world use our tools for creating and managing objective data sets for studies into dairy cattle health, welfare and productivity. We have a range of options which allow the researcher to create the right toolset for their requirements. We can help with data collection from a small group of animals to large scale comparative studies featuring automatic data collection from hundreds of animals across several sites and remote data management. Find out more.

Dairy Farmers looking for advanced and cost effective management tools are now able to benefit from the solutions developed for the research community. The system for farmers enables strategic and tactical intervention at both herd and animal level. Continuous monitoring of animal behaviour patterns provides early alerting of fertility issues and other health anomalies. Automated monitoring of lameness is under development. Highly accurate heat detection, as verified in trials with progesterone testing, comes as standard. Find out more.

Do you know what your cows are telling you?