We have a proven track record of finding advanced engineering solutions, with particular specialism in the agritech and energy sectors. Our engineering team likes nothing better than getting out of the lab and working on automation challenges in harsh environments and complex applications.

Our world-leading engineers were the first to discover and apply Time-of-Flight sensing for 3D tracking in robot systems and the application of new vision technologies in the dairy industry. We have continually developed our expertise in robotics and sensing. Our Artificial Intelligence capabilities, derived from our machine vision knowledge, offer tremendous new possibilities for advanced automation.

Intelligent Dairy Solutions

Amongst the many challenges facing dairy farmers today, one of the most time-consuming and difficult, is finding the skilled labour needed to work with cows. Peacock Technology is applying its expertise in robotics and AI to create new solutions to automate key tasks, freeing labour hours for other tasks.

Our most recent product is the IDS Teat for rotary parlours which automatically applies disinfectant to cows’ udders post-milking, and so reduces labour requirement. It uses a 3D camera to identify cow teat locations and automatically adjusts the spray pattern to improve coverage. Our dedicated team of engineers create a customised installation at each location, meeting the needs of the farmers and those of the animal.

IDS Teat Post milk


Following the acquisition of IceRobotics in May 2022, we have added the CowAlert system into our product portfolio. With its ability to monitor cow behaviour and free up time for farm staff, it sits well within our ethos. CowAlert ensures heats are not missed and provides early warnings on health and welfare issues.

CowAlert app