About Us

IceRobotics is the world’s leading developer and provider of data collection and analysis products for monitoring dairy cow behaviour.

Over the past decade, IceRobotics’ technologies have been instrumental in supporting animal behaviour research at many of the world’s leading academic institutions and have led to key developments in the commercial dairy farming industry, including measurement of lying time and the world’s first cloud-based approach to monitoring dairy cows.

Founded in 2002, the company developed a commercial wireless sensor, cloud-based behaviour monitoring system for dairy cattle. Since then, IceRobotics has generated global acclaim amongst the academic community as the leading provider of sensor technologies for cow behaviour monitoring with its IceTag and IceQube products.

IceRobotics has commercialised the technology to support insight-based decision making in the dairy farming community through the CowAlert system. CowAlert is the leading fertility and health monitoring system for dairy farming.


Today, IceRobotics remains the leader in cow behaviour research and is a growing force in dairy farming intelligence.
This is how we got here...


Company secures £1.1m from Innovate UK for herd management software and parlour equipment integration project.


August, 2014 / Funding

20,000,000 cow-days of data recorded into cloud database.


July, 2014 / Data

Launch of automated mobility scoring option for CowAlert.


January, 2014 / Product

First shipments of second generation IceQube sensor.


May, 2013 / Product

Company secures £500k from Technology Strategy Board for development of cloud-based system for remote monitoring in harsh environments.


October, 2012 / Funding

2,000,000 cow-days of data recorded into cloud database.


May, 2012 / Data

Commercial launch of CowAlert, the first cloud-based dairy cattle behaviour monitoring and heat detection system.


January, 2012 / Product

200,000 cow-days of data recorded into cloud database.


May, 2011 / Data

IceRobotics wins John Logie Baird award for innovation.


March, 2011 / Awards

First shipments of IceQube sensor for fully automated high speed data download for commercial dairy herds.


January, 2011 / Product

Company secures SMART award for 12 month pilot to validate dairy cattle heat detection system.


October, 2010 / Awards

2000 cow-days of data recorded into cloud database.


January, 2010 / Data

First 200 cow-days of data downloaded automatically into cloud database.


July, 2009 / Data

Company secures £180k seed investment from private investors and the Edinburgh Technology Fund, to support management buy-out and company re-structure.


January, 2008 / Funding

First shipments of wireless version of IceTag sensor.


November, 2007 / Product

First published paper on the IceTag, in the Journal of Dairy Science, presented at the ADSA conference in Minneapolis.


July, 2006 / Product

Company coordinates a €1 million EU-funded knowledge transfer project.


April, 2006 / Funding

Company secures SMART award for research into automation of dairy cattle lameness detection.


June, 2005 / Awards

Commercial launch of first-generation IceTag sensor at conference in Nitra, Slovakia.


April, 2005 / Product

First shipment of accelerometer-based prototype dairy cattle behaviour activity monitoring sensors to research institutions.


December, 2004 / Product

Company commences trading.

October, 2002