CowAlert provides you with practical and reliable information which helps you maximise your dairy herd’s performance, whilst saving you time and money. Our goal is to help you optimise the productivity and well-being of your cows and contribute to a sustainable future for your business.

Using a combination of highly accurate data analysis software and our robust wireless sensors – qubes – we continuously monitor each cow as she goes about her daily business, automatically collecting detailed information on her patterns of behaviour.



Movement sensors (qubes) are fitted to the rear leg of each cow and use an advanced accelerometer that measures orientation and acceleration across three axes, multiple times per second. Each cow’s movement is recorded constantly, and our algorithms analyse the data collected, providing accurate alerts and information.

CowAlert cleverly turns sensor data into real-time, relevant alerts and information to help you manage and control your herd. Alerting you to her heats, including optimum AI window, lying time and early lameness detection as well as her overall mobility score.

This captured data can then be viewed on the user’s personal dashboard, via a Parlour Interface, desktop, tablet or smartphone at any time.

The CowAlert System comprises a number of modules. You can pick the modules that best meet your requirements.


CowAlert integrates with many farm management systems including: