FERTILITY MANAGEMENT Advanced heat-detection for improving your herd’s pregnancy rate with accurate and
time-sensitive heat alerts.


Our superior heat detection has been validated through scientific studies and head-to-head comparisons with other systems, showing our system to be the real leader in the market.

CowAlert provides accurate and timely heat alerts by analysing the behaviour of each cow over time. Because we understand that each farm is different, you can optimise the settings for your farm and define your own AI window. In addition to clear alerts, you can also view the full historic data for each cow, providing valuable insights into her cycle.



Submission Rate

An average 16% increase in submission rates

Lameness Alerts

Pregnancy Rate

An average 10% increase in pregnancy rates


Cows in Calf

A 19% increase in the number of cows in calf by 100 days


Cows Culled

An average 36% decrease in cows culled for fertility issues over a 12 month period


Cost of Infertility

Production costs can be reduced by 1ppl over a 12-month period by using CowAlert to improve fertility alone.

How does it work?

fertility management

CowAlert heat-detection catches the heats of millions of cows every day and night, helping farmers across the globe improve reproduction results and effciency. CowAlert uses the most advanced algorithms and accurate heat detection sensors to help you improve fertility within your herd.

What’s Reported?

Our system gives you a clear view of all cows in heat – anytime and anywhere – and highlights the timing for the highest chance of conception; the AI Window. The graph to the right shows a cow generating a heat alert when key activity parameters increase. The AI window is shown in blue for clear identification and with alerts sent to you daily, makes sure heats are not missed.

Estrus Detection
Cow Heat Detection

With the ability to show historical data, we let you see patterns in your cows’ behaviour and solve problems faster. CowAlert provides valuable insights on cows that are not cycling to help you be more in control and act earlier when fertility issues arise.

CowAlert can watch over your herd ensuring greater submission rates resulting in increased pregnancy rates and reduced calving intervals. We provide you with the most accurate information, saving you time and money.

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Advanced Heat Detection Module Provides:

Cow Lameness Detection

Daily Alerts for Fertility Issues

Identify individual fertility issues early and prioritise actions effectively


Precision in AI-Timing

Through automatic calculation of when heat expression starts


Adjustable Sensitivity

For consistently reliable heat detection

Lameness Alerts

Herd Fertility Insight

By monitoring the heat cycle of every cow over time


Quick Acting

Prompt action via AI lists and alerts in the parlour, on your phone, tablet or PC

cow tracking


Leg-based sensor for more accurate, timely alerts and fewer false heats


Optimise Milk Yield

Reduce your calving intervals and increase your submission, conception and pregnancy rates


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1 “The lameness alerts highlight the cows that we need to examine and creates a daily inspection list. We see this as another valuable tool in our lameness toolbox which is helping us to pick up lame cows earlier and reduce the herd’s lameness” Jacqui Browne
Pomeroy Farm, Wiltshire
2 “We have been very happy with the system in relation to its ease of use, accuracy and timely data. It effectively provides us with extra ‘eyes and ears’ on farm and 24-7 consistent monitoring, thereby freeing up our time to spend on other important tasks.” Gareth Shortt
Glendale Farm, County Tyrone
3 “Since using CowAlert we’re no longer tied to the cow shed, our calving interval has reduced from 415 to 390 days and conception rate has improved by 17%. Overall I regard CowAlert as a sound investment. It has added to the bottom line in terms of both calf and milk production and freed up time which is also a major cost in farming today.” Richard Marshall
Rylands Farm, Omagh
4 “The Lameness module is making us look at cows we wouldn’t have previously looked at. We have found cows that have had bruising that could have developed into an ulcer. It means we pre-empt issues before they become a problem” Michael Yates
East Logan Farm, Dumfriesshire
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