Lying Time

Lying time is a high priority behaviour. Lack of lying and sleep impacts production and well-being in your herd and your bottom line! Cows have a strong instinct to lie down and rest for 10 to 14 hours per day. Healthy lying times reduce the risk of lameness and increase blood flow to the uterus and udder. It decreases stress hormones and is positively associated with increased milk production. 

CowAlert monitors your whole herd day and night, providing clear insight into the lying time information for each animal, by group and for the entire herd. This enables you to identify issues and monitor the impact of changes to management practice.


1 Hour of resting time


1.7kg Additional milk in the tank!

*(Bach et al. 2008)

How does it work?

Lying time

With the CowAlert system, you can clearly identify the lying patterns of individual cows, groups and your herd as a whole. Each cow’s data is shown on her summary information and her movement monitored and presented so that you can compare activity today with the last seven, and 14 days.

What’s Reported?

The lying time history graph lets you see how the lying time of different groups varies over time. This helps you monitor the impact of changes to your routines or environment. CowAlert provides alerts for cows that are lying down too much or too little. The thresholds for these can be set by you, so you can tailor them to suit your herd and your schedule.

herd lying time
lying time

With the ability to show historical data, we let you see patterns in your cows’ behaviour and solve problems faster. CowAlert provides valuable insights on cows that are not cycling to help you be more in control and act earlier when fertility issues arise.

CowAlert can watch over your herd ensuring greater submission rates resulting in increased pregnancy rates and reduced calving intervals. We provide you with the most accurate information, saving you time and money.

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Lying Time Module Provides:

Management Practices

Improve management practices by knowing when, and for how long, cows are standing

Early Detection

Gain an early warning of mobility and other health issues through changes in lying patterns

Rapid Intervention

Identify cows with a sudden change in lying behaviour, permitting quick intervention


Time Budgets

CowAlert helps you understand and make better time budgets for your cows

Cow Lameness Detection

Automated Alerts

Set your own thresholds for cows that are lying too little or too much


Management Actions

Assess the impact of actions, such as foot-trimming regimes or changes to bedding or housing design

Lameness Alerts

Group Analysis

Monitor the impact on group or herd lying times of stocking density, group changes and cow flow


Independent vet and lameness expert, Dr Nick Bell believes lying time information collected by automated recording technology has huge scope to benefit management on-farm. “I think it’s been a key performance indicator we’ve been needing to measure and quantify, that has been very difficult to do up until this point. Lying time measurements allow you to spot day-to-day factors that are influencing cow time budgets. You can start to identify reasons for compromised lying time and make management changes,” he says. Lying times, in particular, can give a good indication of how well a shed is performing. For example, heat stress is linked to reduced lying times, as cows stand to dissipate heat.

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