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Mobility Monitoring

CowAlert now offers you the convenience and power of the world’s first automated mobility scoring system, assessing the mobility of your cows on a continuous basis and working out their daily mobility score.

CowAlert basis the score on an industry-standard 4-point scale so that you can easily fit the module into your existing management approach. In addition to generating a mobility score for each cow, the module also shows how your scores are changing over time and how your farm compares to the top 25% of farms in the UK. No additional equipment is required; simply activate the module within your CowAlert system to start saving time and money, while always having the latest information instantly available.

How does it work?

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Unlike traditional mobility scoring, CowAlert calculates each cow’s mobility score every day. By using an industry-standard 4-point scale, our mobility monitoring module can easily fit into your existing management approach.

The dashboard provides you with your current herd mobility scores whenever and wherever you need them, so you are always up to date. This allows you to recognise the early signs of poor mobility by regularly assessing the cows and identifies new problems at an earlier stage. CowAlert’s Mobility Monitoring module also motivates all farm staff to improve herd mobility and overall herd health.

What’s Reported?

The dashboard displays the current herd mobility through a coloured system along with a 4-point scale, 0-3. By clicking further on each score you can identify each individual cow and investigate behaviour changes to that individual. The dynamic assessment graph, allows you to explore the movement between scores over a date range that you specify. Allowing you to quickly see the number of cows who have stayed sound, remained lame or recently become lame. It also identifies those cows who have recovered from poor mobility or lameness.

cow mobility monitoring
Mobility monitoring

CowAlert also offers you the ability to benchmark your herd mobility scores against the top 25% of farms in your country, so you can set targets and monitor progress.

Combined with our Lameness module, CowAlert provides practical alerts and objective standardised assessment and benchmarking.

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Automated Mobility Monitoring Module Provides:

Cow Activity Monitoring

World’s First

The first-ever automated mobility score system in the market


Objective & Consistent Scores

Ideal for demonstrating welfare standards

Lameness Alerts

Dynamic Assessment

Monitor herd-level trends and movements between scores

cow tracking

Fixed 4-Point Scale

Industry-standard scale allows for it to easily fit into your management system

Cow Lameness Detection


Benchmark your farm against the top 25% of herds in your country, set targets and monitor improvements


No Additional Equipment Required

Providing convenience and saving you money


Detailed Lists

View lists of each cow and their mobility score, add comments and export for reporting or analysis


Combine with Lameness Alerting

For a unique practical lameness management and mobility status recording tool

1 “The lameness alerts highlight the cows that we need to examine and creates a daily inspection list. We see this as another valuable tool in our lameness toolbox which is helping us to pick up lame cows earlier and reduce the herd’s lameness” Jacqui Browne
Pomeroy Farm, Wiltshire
2 “The fact that you can access everything from your mobile phone, and you don’t have to keep going back into the house to see the data is brilliant! It’s an excellent management tool and allows us to make well-informed choices from the data in front of us, saving us time and improving the accuracy of the judgements we make when it comes to the productivity of the herd.” David Hyslop
Meinside Farm, Lockerbie
3 “Since using CowAlert we’re no longer tied to the cow shed, our calving interval has reduced from 415 to 390 days and conception rate has improved by 17%. Overall I regard CowAlert as a sound investment. It has added to the bottom line in terms of both calf and milk production and freed up time which is also a major cost in farming today.” Richard Marshall
Rylands Farm, Omagh
4 “The cows that CowAlert is picking up-even the trained eye would miss. Getting on top of lameness is so important. It’s milk in the tank. An uncomfortable cow gives less milk. It’s welfare and welfare is paramount.” Alan Steer
Field Barn Farm, Dorset
5 “The Lameness module is making us look at cows we wouldn’t have previously looked at. We have found cows that have had bruising that could have developed into an ulcer. It means we pre-empt issues before they become a problem” Michael Yates
East Logan Farm, Dumfriesshire
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