An update on the 2022 Zero Lameness Award: the deadline for entries has now passed. Judging will soon take place, and a winner and runner-up will be announced at September’s CREAM Awards ceremony.

So who will be this year’s winner and runner-up amongst the entrants?

The judges will be looking to see if lameness is well under control in their herds. Also, if they are proactive in providing the best environments to assure healthy cows’ feet. Good trimming routines and successful treatment protocols will need to be evident. And what about the heifers? Is extra care being taken to ensure that feet remain in good condition for this important group?

Lameness prevention and profitability

“Preventing lameness is fundamental for good herd fertility and productivity, which in turn is fundamental for profitability” says Dr Nick Bell, who will be judging the Award. “While some may debate the reality of whether it’s possible to maintain a total absence of lameness, 100% of the time, the goal of zero lameness certainly serves as the aspiration.”

Nick will be reviewing all the entries. He will then present a shortlist of finalists to a judging panel for a winner and runner-up to be chosen. The awards ceremony will take place in Stratford upon Avon, on the 8th September.

The Zero Lameness Award 

Find out what Nick will be looking for when he draws up the shortlist: check out this article, first published in British Dairying in which he provides some advice: Advice on entering the Zero Lameness Award. You might have missed out on entering this year….but there’s always next!

Past finalists 

You can read about past finalists on our case studies pages: previous winners were Jim and Trine Campbell at Cuil Farm, and in the last awards, Phil Randall of Goodens Farm was runner-up.