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IceRobotics celebrates 10 years of dairy cow monitoring with Ministerial visit

MSP Fergus Ewing & IceRobotics CEO David Bowie

Company building for international expansion

Edinburgh, UK – June 3, 2015 – IceRobotics, the dairy cow behaviour monitoring specialist, today welcomed Scottish Government Minister for Business, Energy and Enterprise Fergus Ewing to its offices as the company celebrates 10 years since the launch of its first sensor product.

IceRobotics was first company to use accelerometers in cow monitoring sensors and developed the world’s first cloud-based approach to monitoring dairy cows. The company recently unveiled new branding designed to support its international growth objectives.

“I was delighted to visit IceRobotics today, a Scottish company that has achieved global academic acclaim for its cutting edge IceTag and IceQube products using sensor technology to monitor dairy cow behaviour,” said Mr. Ewing. “Scotland has a long-established international reputation for world-leading research and commercialisation, with strengths in a variety of areas including animal health. Continued innovation by companies like IceRobotics, will ensure that Scotland’s life sciences sector continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing in Europe.”
IceRobotics first introduced its IceTag sensor in 2005, and then followed up with the launch of the IceQube sensor in 2009 before introducing CowAlert in 2011, the commercial system for heat detection and health monitoring of dairy cows. Since the launch of CowAlert, the company has collected millions of cow days of data in its online system.

“We are pleased to welcome the Minister to our offices today, which is not only an occasion to celebrate the last 10 years but also to look forward with great optimism,” said David Bowie, CEO, IceRobotics. “The highly competitive dairy market needs to find ways for farmers to gain an edge and CowAlert is the best product to help them monitor every cow in their herd 24-7. It enables them to respond promptly to individual cow needs, thereby improving milk yields and promptly mitigating health issues.”

CowAlert is the leading fertility and health monitoring system for dairy herds. It uses a combination of highly accurate data analysis software and robust wireless sensors to provide the most reliable heat detection capabilities on the market.

In the research community, IceRobotics’ data collection products are noted for their accurate collection of high-granularity, timely animal behaviour data. The company’s products support small-scale studies from a single cow over a short time-period through to large-scale, longitudinal studies involving several thousand animals.