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IceRobotics poster on lameness detection presented at DairyCare conference

Validation of the CowAlert system to automatically detect lameness in dairy cattle

IceRobotics today announced it is presenting a joint poster with Harper Adams University at the Second DairyCare Conference in Cordoba, Spain on 3rd and 4th March 2015.

The poster outlines research being undertaken at Harper Adams University in relation to the use of the CowAlert system for automatic lameness detection. This involves behaviour data from IceQube sensors on 100 dairy cows being automatically downloaded wirelessly to the CowAlert system. From this a daily IceScore® mobility value is calculated.

Statistically significant changes in individual dairy cow gait cause an increase or decrease in the IceScore, which results in a mobility alert being generated. The research exercise is validating the use of these mobility alerts for lameness detection.

About IceRobotics
IceRobotics is the world’s leading developer and provider of data collection and analysis products for monitoring dairy cow behaviour. Founded in 2002, the company developed the world’s first commercial wireless sensor, cloud-based behaviour monitoring system for dairy cattle. Since then, the company has generated global acclaim amongst the academic community as the leading provider of sensor technologies for cow behaviour monitoring with its IceTag and IceQube products. IceRobotics has commercialised the technology to support insight-based decision making in the dairy farming community through the CowAlert brand. Today, the company remains the leader in cow behaviour research and is a growing force in dairy farming intelligence. For more information, visit