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IceRobotics unveils new branding

Company ramping up global expansion of dairy cow behaviour monitoring system.

Edinburgh, UK – May 20, 2015 – IceRobotics, the dairy cow behaviour monitoring specialist, today revealed new company branding designed to support the company’s growth into international markets.

The company is focussed on two key markets, with its CowAlert brand focussed on the commercial dairy farming market, while the IceRobotics brand will remain as the primary brand for the company’s activity in research and academia. The CowAlert web site will be translated into multiple languages as the company looks to build on recent success in foreign markets.

“Our new branding is reflective of the progress within the business – building a platform to help drive continued growth in our existing markets, but also to support our expansion into new territories,” said David Bowie, CEO, IceRobotics. “The pedigree of the IceRobotics name among animal behaviour researchers cannot be underestimated, but we have decided to increase the profile of the CowAlert brand for commercial dairy farming, as it is already a well-recognised product in the sector.”

CowAlert is the leading fertility and health monitoring system for dairy herds. It uses a combination of highly accurate data analysis software and robust wireless sensors to provide the most reliable heat detection capabilities on the market.

In the research community, IceRobotics’ data collection products are noted for their accurate collection of high-granularity, timely animal behaviour data. The company’s products support small-scale studies from a single cow over a short time-period through to large-scale, longitudinal studies involving several thousand animals.