Alice Herron has joined the CowAlert team and is the new customer account manager for Ireland. She is providing on-line back-up on the system and visiting farms to provide practical support. She will be supporting customers in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

“In my short time with the company so far, I’ve already witnessed the positive impact that the CowAlert system and its IceQube leg sensor has had in both small and large herds,” says Alice.

“Using CowAlert, farmers no longer miss heats and also benefit from being given a precise time to inseminate. I’ve seen first-hand how this technology has tightened calving blocks and increased conception rates. One farm has seen a reduction in their empty rate from 16% to 8% in just two seasons. Production is increased. Costs are decreased. And the sustainability of the herd is increased.

“As well as heat detection and lameness, CowAlert also monitors lying time. This is important for maximising rumination time. CowAlert’s rear leg sensors allow accurate monitoring of whether cows are lying down or standing up. The system monitors individual cow activity to distinguish early signs of illness or stress. It can also provide whole herd or group analysis and serve as an indicator of cow comfort when improving housing facilities.

“I’m working closely with farmers to help them achieve as much as they can with the CowAlert system, which is very rewarding.”

Alice is studying for an Agricultural Technology degree at Queens University Belfast. She will be working with the CowAlert team for the duration of her sandwich placement year.