2021 has kicked off with a number of interesting online seminars focusing on lameness and mobility scoring. This reflects the increasing importance of lameness and animal welfare in general for farmers, their customers and consumers.

If you’re interested in tackling lameness on farm, check out the ICAR online seminarhttps://www.icar.org/index.php/technical-bodies/working-groups/functional-traits-working-group/webinar-on-lameness-in-dairy-cows-january-2021/
Jon Huxley, Head of School of Veterinary Science and Professor of Dairy Cow Health, Massey University, New Zealand, talks about the global challenge of lameness (at 19 minutes). He talks about the importance of high quality data which will enable early intervention. Dr Nick Bell, Honorary Associate Professor of Herd Health and Protection Medicine (The University of Nottingham) talks about improving consistency and accuracy in lameness scoring (at 56 minutes).

AHDB is running an ongoing programme of informative and practical webinars. Dr Nick Bell features in a recent webinar on ‘Tackling Dairy Herd Mobility.’ Tune in at 11 minutes to hear some excellent advice and tips as Nick provides an insight into AHDB’s Healthy Feet Programme and Healthy Feet Lite – systematic approached to explore and tackle the reasons for lameness on farm.