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Tech Week Europe names IceRobotics one of the 7 most successful Scottish tech companies!

We’re very proud to have been named one of the most successful tech companies in Scotland along with SkyScanner and Rockstar North by Tech Week Europe.  IceRobotics began back in 2002 launching our first sensor , the IceTag in 2005.  Since then our technology has been instrumental in supporting animal behaviour research at many of the world’s leading academic institutions and have led to key developments in the commercial dairy farming industry, including measurement of lying time and the world’s first cloud-based approach to monitoring dairy cows.

The IceRobotics team is expanding regularly with experts from the Animal Science field to new members of the support team.  We want to continue our reputation as one of the leading fertility and health monitoring systems for dairy farming, and with an expert team on board we can certainly say we’re on our way to becoming the leading system.

IceRobotics has generated global acclaim amongst the academic community as the leading provider of sensor technologies for cow behaviour monitoring with its IceTag and IceQube products.  Currently IceRobotics along with several partners including Harper Adams University, Dairy Crest and Kingshay are involved in the DASIE (Dairy Animal Sensor Integrated Engineering) project which is focusing on data and farm system integration and the development of new farm sensing technology.  DASIE is designed to explore how technology can be used to help farmers manage their business more efficiently while simultaneously improving animal health and welfare.

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