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We’re looking to sponsor a PhD student!

In partnership with The University of Edinburgh we have an exciting opportunity to sponsor a PhD student to carry out the project ‘Use of advanced technologies to enhance monitoring of dairy cow health’.  The successful candidate will be based at RDVSS and the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh and the project will use our CowAlert system for remote behavioral and health monitoring on all cows at the universities Langhill Farm for the early detection and treatment of key production diseases in dairy cows (lameness and mastitis).   The student will take part in an extensive training which will ensure competence to work at interdisciplinary interfaces (biology, physics, engineering and chemistry).  They will receive detailed training in animal behavioural monitoring from SRUC and RDSVS, who have expertise in the monitoring and assessment of dairy cow health and behaviour.

All candidates should have or expect to have a minimum of an appropriate upper 2nd class degree.

You can find out more about the studentship here