A Vet’s Perspective: Trine Campbell

How does CowAlert benefit a vet?

“A farm that uses CowAlert can be very helpful to a vet. I can simply look at the historical graphs to see which cows have not been cycling as expected, such as those showing weak heats for example, and this can be a clear indication of additional health issues. In addition, CowAlert’s ability to measure lying time can provide a key indicator of cow health and comfort factors, which can have a direct impact on milk production.”

What are your favourite CowAlert features?

“My favourite parts of CowAlert are its online accessibility, the excellent detailed data that is given, and the historical graphs that allow me to investigate problem cows’ cyclicity in detail.”

How does online access help you?

“CowAlert’s online accessibility can also be of great benefit to a vet, who may wish to access the system ahead of a visit to a farm so that they can be alerted to potential issues before they even set foot on the farm.

Is cow monitoring technology becoming more important to vets?

“Yes, and I’m very interested to follow the development of the CowAlert system as it expands its health management capabilities, in particular around lameness detection, as allowing lame cows to be detected early would potentially have huge welfare benefits.”

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