In addition to their use on commercial farms our sensors and the CowAlert system are widely recognised in the animal science research community for their accurate recording of highly-detailed, timely animal behaviour data.

In fact, we work with many of the world’s leading academic institutions, providing innovative technologies which enable animal science research to be conducted as efficiently as possible. Our sensors capture data on the animal’s movements and behaviour which can be viewed and evaluated using our PC or cloud-based software.


When attached to the rear leg, our sensors use a 3-axis accelerometer to capture highly detailed information on the animal’s movements and behaviour.

Our sensors monitor the following:


Level of Data Collection

Vigh Granularity Data Collection

Data Sample Rate

4 Hz

Data Storage

9 Days

3 Days

Data View & Export Granularity

15 minutes

1 hour

2 hours

1 day

1 week

Overall summary

Standing Time

Lying Time

Lying Bout Analysis

(Start time, end time & duration)

Motion Index

Step Count

*Adult dairy cows only

Manual Download

(Additional product required: IceReader & IceManager)

Automated Download

(Using CowAlert)

Sensor Attachment

Single Use Velcro strap

Suitable for differing leg sizes

CowAlert provides you with detailed data on:

  • Activity levels
  • Standing and lying transitions
  • Times of lying and standing bout
  • Duration of lying and standing bouts
  • Steps
  • Heat alerts
  • Health alerts